Thursday, January 12, 2012


Huttball. Every game is Huttball. Sometimes faction imbalance really sucks. The thing about Huttball is that it is quite hard for me to win on my own, although it is (usually) fairly easy if I go in with a group. I PVP in the same spec I raid, 31/8/2. With that build I have decent survivability and average damage output. The reason it's hard for me to win on my own is that the role I am best suited for is guarding the ball carrier, not carrying it myself. 

When I carry, I get my defense, shielding, armor, and that's about it. Those stats are pretty unreliable when being focused by multiple people in PVP because so many abilities that players have bypass them (for example, everything that happens in ******* Operative openers). 

When I am protecting a carrier instead, that person gets a flat 5% damage reduction from Guard, 50% of the damage they take is transferred to me, everyone around them does 4% less damage thanks to Combust from Flame Sweep, and on top of that I can taunt enemies who are focusing him for 30% less damage. Oil Slick is also actually useful for guarding people in warzones since it debuffs enemies instead of buffing me. Plus in an emergency the carrier can lateral the ball to me and I can usually hold out with my tank cooldowns until help arrives.

The problem with this bodyguard style of play is that when I queue alone I am forced to rely on someone else to be competent and want to win, traits that are apparently quite rare in random PVPers. Usually the groups I end up in just ignore the ball and teamfight across the map from it, leaving me to try to carry or stop their carrier alone. WHY CAN'T YOU JUST TARGET THEIR CARRIER! RRRRRRGH! 

... *ahem* I think it's time for me to take a break.

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  1. I know what you mean. I also use the same spec for PVP. In Huttball, I usually team up with 2 or 3 guildies. Not to brag, but we usually carry the game to victory ourselves and in most cases get 5-0 with 7-10min to spare and we just farm the other team passing the ball between us.

    I love Huttball, it truly is the best of them since it requires more strategy. Alderaan and Voidstar are fun, but all you have to do is defend or swarm a given point to win. In Huttball, you have to carefully plan and set up in order to have a 5-0 lead in 5min. Hell, one of my guildies even has the damn flame jets activation pinned down. We are Huttball Hooligans, what can I say?