Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jormungandr's Shieldtech Stat Spreadsheet

The question about our stat priorities got me thinking a lot about it. When we think about stat priorities, what most of us mean is "What stat do I want more of right now?" While I may not be able to write a cut and dry priority list for stats, I think I can do something to help with that question. I wrote a spreadsheet to determine what stats will do to incoming damage.


Go to the site and go to File > Make a copy... and it will create a duplicate spreadsheet for you to work with. It's pretty easy to use. Anything written in BLACK requires user input. Talent spec, Combust application, damage type, and attack type are drop down lists, while the ratings have to be entered by hand. The percent is there to check that you typed in all the ratings correctly. It should match the percentages in your character sheet if you enter ratings for gear you are actually wearing. Note that the percentage next to armor represents total DR, not just from armor. If something is off by 0.01% or so, it's most likely a rounding issue since I had to round a couple numbers when making this sheet.

Monster stats are entirely made up by me. Any kind of mitigation sim would have to include some kind of incoming damage for comparison. I simply decided to make the numbers adjustable by viewers for more realistic comparisons. I have no clue what kind of crit rates monsters have (I'm assuming they have base surge) so if anyone has any information about that I'd appreciate it.

The basic idea of this spreadsheet is that the only realistic approach to stat simming involves comparing actual pieces of gear you have access to. Gearing is all about tradeoffs. This sheet lets you equip a set of gear, note your ratings as Gearset 1, change a couple items, note those ratings as Gearset 2, and plainly see which set will give you more survivability. Of course, this spreadsheet only takes survivability into account and not threat (accuracy, aim) or the other benefits of shielding (Flame Shield, Shield Vents in ST).

Here's a basic explanation of boss attack and damage types. Thanks to Kitru on the official forums for clearing this up for me. There are four types of attack: Force, melee, ranged, and tech. Melee and ranged attacks can be defended and shielded. Force and tech attacks cannot. They are instead affected by resistance, which we have 0 of and have no way to gear for. When an attack hits, it does one of four types of damage: elemental, energy, internal, or kinetic. Elemental and internal damage bypass armor, while energy and kinetic do not. However, elemental and internal damage are reduced an extra 10% by the Sith Inquisitor's Mark of Power buff, which this spreadsheet assumes your raid has.

I have been known to make arithmetic errors in the past, so please let me know if you find anything that doesn't seem to be working right and I'll do my best to fix it. Thanks!

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