Sunday, December 18, 2011

Alderaan and the Two Ships

Politics. Intrigue. A wild tale about one planet's struggle to find the rightful heir to its throne. If you play SWTOR for the plot, Alderaan is sure to have something just for you. This was definitely one of the most enjoyable worlds I have been to, right up there with Nar Shaddaa.

Once you finish up playing kingmaker on Alderaan, head on over to the Aurora for the exciting climax to part I of our class story! This is pretty straightforward, although I do have to mention one strange thing that happened when I fought the target. Every time I dropped him below half health, he would instant cast a HoT on himself that FULL HEALED HIM. I have no idea if this is intended or if I was screwing up the fight somehow. Either way, this fight ended up lasting 7 minutes because he just couldn't damage through my DR and Mako's heals :)

The Spirit of Vengence doesn't really have much in the way of content on it. It just gives you a short quest to continue your class story.

After your shenanigans on the Aurora, guess who wants to meet you? MANDALORE! That's right, the coolest damn bounty hunter in the entire galaxy wants to see YOU! And then after a short quest HE INDUCTS YOU INTO HIS CLAN AS A MANDALORIAN!!! I'm not gonna lie, I squealed like a girl from excitement, then went on to annoy my guild by going on about how cool Mandalorians are for a good 20 minutes.

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