Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hutta: And so it begins...

Don't worry, there won't be any plot spoilers in any of these log posts. I enjoy the story far too much to potentially ruin it for someone else. Today, my journey as a Bounty Hunter began anew in the stinking swamps of Hutta. Since I'm not going to talk about all the amazing adventures I had and friends I made, there are only a few things left to say about this acrid planet.

As soon as you start, go to your menu and turn on auto loot and area loot. This will save you a lot of time in the long run. Make sure to pick up every taxi point and quick travel point you find so you don't end up having to walk 10 minutes for one random quest later on.

At level 2 you get Rocket Punch. We will be using this move about once every 10 seconds for the rest of the game so learn to love it. For the amount of damage it does it is very heat efficient. Speaking of heat, I found a good estimate of 40 heat (which is the point you want to hover under) to be the line separating quickslot 2 and quickslot 3.

Like me, you may notice yourself slowly amassing commendations. It took me almost until I left the planet to find out what they were for. Take them to Specialty Goods vendor Yerk and you can trade them in for a piece of chest armor for yourself or for Mako.

I'm a pretty big completionist so I refused to move on until I had completed every quest in the area. I did them all solo (well, Mako helped) and ended up about 1/3 of a level above 11 when I left, with about 8k creds. The elite group quests were a little difficult, but Bounty Hunters are lucky enough to start with their healing companion right off the bat, making it MUCH easier. Also remember that Recharge and Reload has no cooldown so you can go into every single fight with full health and empty heat.

Datacrons: Datacrons are an item I completely forgot to mention in the leveling tips post. For the most part, datacrons resemble glowing boxes. Clicking on one will usually give you +2 to a stat predetermined by the datacron. I feel it is worth gathering these while leveling because that is when the stat bonuses will be most noticeable. Check the link in the Helpful Sites section to see how to get the datacrons for each planet. There may still be some undiscovered ones out there.

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  1. Take them to Specialty Goods vendor Yerk and you can trade them in for a piece of chest armor for yourself or for Mako.swtor credits
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